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In these uncertain days where most of us are confined to our homes for at least the next few weeks, and many who must self isolate for 12 weeks or more, or those self isolating because they are victims of the coronavirus or have come into contact with someone who is. Sadly there are those who are...

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COVID 19 / Corona-virus

All Nuvista counselling is currently being undertaken online via Skype or other sources. We will return to face to face counselling in the Waterloo and London Bridge rooms when it is safe to do so and when the Government has lifted all the restrictions.
If you are looking...

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Celebrating my new therapy room in London Bridge at The Talking Place, Plantain Place, Crosby Row. SE1 1HY

About Me......

My approach is working Integratively, combining the core therapies of person centred, psychodynamic and behavioural tailored to individual client needs
I worked within the NHS as an honorary Counsellor at Melbourne Grove Medical Practice, East Dulwich. Here I helped patients with an array of different issues ranging from anxiety, stress, depression, bullying, sexual identity and sexual issues, childhood abuse, LGBTQ+ issues and many other presented problems.
At Turning Point, I worked with men and women of all ages with drug and alcohol addiction and the very complex and traumatic issues surrounding those addictions.
I’m also a volunteer caseworker with SSAFA (the Armed Forces charity) providing support and advice to eligible individuals who are recognised as vulnerable adults requiring wellbeing and emotional support.

Why NuVista? 
The name NuVista (new view) for my Counselling business was so given because it was born from my vision that counselling or talking therapy can give people a new view of life once they have untangled the cobwebbed mind of issues that make them anxious, stressed, depressed, bereaved, feeling suicidal or simply struggling with day to day life, their jobs, relationships and family life, sexuality, historical events that have been rendered unconscious or hidden; even from themselves. Things such as childhood abuse, rape, mental abuse, bullying, and many other life issues - the list goes on. Like peeling back, the layers of an onion to get to the core, talking therapy can get to the heart of the problem in the tangled mind, unravelling the layers, much like the peeling of the onion. Talking about what happened, the trauma that they may have endured or witnessed, re-living the ordeal in order to understand, why? what? where? who? how? to change the perception or the way of thinking, the therapist guiding the client to a new way of thinking, a new way of dealing with things, gaining a new vision.......or indeed a New View - NuVista. This can then create a New Dawn in a person’s life. A person breaking free from the shackles of a controlling abusive partner. A person finally accepting and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. A person finally able to come out as LGBTQ+ and finally feeling proud of who they are. A person dealing with the effects of PTSD from a situation of war or from a terror attack or an accident finally confronting it by talking about it becomes a major way of dealing with it and an achievement. It happened to me and through counselling over many years I found out who I was. I realised and understood what had happened when I was younger, I accepted the things that I couldn’t change. Situations that had played on my mind, events that I had forgotten about or simply hidden but with small steps I reached the top rung of the ladder and felt it was time to give something back and I wanted to help others. In 2008 I started the first of many courses in my development to become a counsellor/psychotherapist, attending college on an evening, writing journals, case presentations, essays, getting a placement and building up client hours to the required levels to gain the qualification, seeing those clients weekly and at the same time holding down a full time Monday to Friday job, it was a tough few years but completely worth the struggle and I qualified in 2012, then gained my registered membership of the BACP after passing a further proficiency examination with the. I will soon be accredited after working towards it for the last 7 years. I now get so much reward from helping someone to turn their life around. From the first session where shoulders are low, mood and body language showing such low self-esteem, and confidence, anxious and stressed and feeling like they are drowning and can’t keep their heads above water. Then watching them change week by week, confidence growing, out of the water and on dry land, a great therapist/client relationship developing based on trust, empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence and leaving therapy with shoulders up and head held high. It is a wonderful reward, and I call it a gift as I feel privileged that they have shared their innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions with me. Of course it doesn’t always end this way and people have to be prepared for that, it may take several tries at therapy, or indeed it may not give them the result that they yearn for, I would personally never give up on anyone because my therapist never gave up on me. I’m happy to say that thus far my clients have always had positive endings in their therapy journey. NuVista was born not only from an outlook but from my own new dawn and new view of life, the acceptance and understanding of past events and realisation and actualisation of my place within that life and its future...... ‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just to take the first step’ - Martin Luther King.      

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